Make Ahead Brunch Recipes 

Having brunch at my home has always been daunting! Breakfast foods are usually make in the moment and I needed recipes that I could prepare the night before and just warm up in the morning. 
I did lots of “Pinterest-ing” and “googling” and found some great ideas……..but I wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out. 

Sunday was my daughters baby dedication at our church and all of our family was heading over after the service. I needed things I could quickly reheat in the oven so people weren’t waiting hours to eat!

Here’s what I had: 

-Build your own parfait (bowl of yogurt, granola, mixed fruit) 

-French toast casserole

* I skipped the pecans on the topping- still delicious 

*I made everything the night before and refrigerated overnight. Then spread the topping on in the morning and baked before we left. (Warmed it at 350 when we return for just about 15 minutes and it was perfect.) I had syrup and a shaker of powdered sugar on the side. 

-Blueberry Croissant Puff 

*Not a blueberry fan? Toss any fruit in!

*Prepped everything the night before and refrigerated overnight. Then baked in the morning before heading to the church. (I warmed this one at 350 as well for about 15 minutes with the French toast casserole) 

-Sausage Breakfast Casserole

* I doubled the egg topping on this one to make eggs to biggest ingredient and it was delicious 

*I prepped and baked this one the night before and then just kept refrigerated over night. The just warmed this one at 350 for about 20-25 minutes. 

-Crockpot Hashbrowns

*My Mother-in-Law started this one in her crockpot the morning of and it finished cooking as we returned 

-Cinnamon rolls 

*Baked the day before and just warmed but these would be an easy bake the morning of as well 
For drinks I had planned this punch that I tried at a party I attended but just didn’t get around to getting the recipe and making it. So I grabbed orange juice, apple juice, and fruit punch and everyone was good to go. 
Unfortunately, I was putting the little one down for a nap when the food line started and everything was demolished by the time I got out so no pictures! But I will add some the next time I make these. All of these recipes are great to make over the weekends and just heat up throughout the week. Easy and delicious! 

Which one was my favorite?!?! So hard to choose, but the French toast casserole was delicious and I think a perfect recipe to make over the weekends and just warm up during the week. Great if you have kids and are rushing in the morning! 

Happy Brunching! 


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